Weekly Update – 30th July

One of the past Morning Worship services featured a “Walk of Awareness”.  An opportunity to take time out of the day to walk around the local area quietly, in silence, unhurriedly and lightly. With reverence for the ground on which you tread and for what you see and meet.  From time to time, to stop, and take in the whole scene before you, using all your senses.  Along the journey, to remember God is with you, in the tranquillity of a field or wood, and in the busyness and noise of the street. To reflect on how you feel about God’s presence in these different places you find yourself.


Walking around Allington we are fortunate that, despite the presence of housing and the growing number of new housing developments, there are still some woodland-like paths and green spaces where one wildlife can exist and hopefully thrive.  Places that whilst being close to the busyness and noise of the street, offer tranquillity and a place to explore the natural environment.   I find that there are some good “green corridors” nearby where a fairly long walk can pass close to roads and houses yet there is a feeling of being close to countryside of sorts.  Giddyhorn Lane is a favourite of mine.


One good example of a local green space is Allington Millennium Green.  It was the vision of Councillor Dan Daley to create the Millennium Green on the site of the old Sharps Sportsground on Buckland Lane, which was being developed for housing.  Many parishioners of St Nicholas were also instrumental in bringing the vision to reality. We continue to maintain links with Allington Millennium Green, through a member the church being a trustee on the board that manages the Green.


Take a look at the website for the Millennium Green for more information about the history and future plans (http://allingtonmillenniumgreen.chessck.co.uk/).  The Green has a range of different ‘natural’ areas, which take inspiration from the landscape that existed around Allington in the past. There are wild areas but also a more formal orchard style of tree planting.    It is a place to simply walk or sit and enjoy Nature and wildlife.  There is a central paved and mosaic feature which reflects the fact there was once a Roman villa nearby.  Plus, the sign based on the trademark Parrot of the Sharps company, which was once a major employer in the town. The Green is a wonderful place to explore and well worth a visit on a “Walk of Awareness”.


God of all our journeys, be with us as we walk.

Open our eyes to your presence.

Open our ears to your call.

Open our mind to your wisdom.

Open our heart to your Spirit. Amen.