Weekly Update – 26/02

Dear All,

It was with some sadness that we bid Rev Chris and Sarah farewell last Sunday after nine years being with us.  That said, the day marked a wonderful celebration of their time in Allington and a time of thanksgiving –  at Rev Chris’s last service, the lunch and presentation afterwards. Thank you to Fiona, Jenny, Katie and everyone on the Social Committee for arranging the lunch and presentation – as I am sure you will agree it was wonderful.

Fiona’s presentation gave some of the highlights of Rev Chris and Sarah’s time with us.  Looking back over the nine years from where we are now it is clear that this has been a journey of growth and fulfilment.  Not just in terms of the physical changes within the church; chairs, toilets and technology.  More importantly, the growth in faith, discipleship and fellowship that has happened.  Growth also in links with the community.

We wish Rev Chris and Sarah a long and happy future in their new home in West Sussex, with many adventures to come along their journey.

Our continuing journey of faith and discipleship here in Allington is marked with the start of Lent.  A penitential season when we reflect on Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness where he is tested and strengthened as a preparation for his future ministry.   It is a time when we look to strengthen our relationship with God – to place our trust wholly in God.  Over the last nine years Rev Chris inspired and encouraged us all to an ever-closer relationship with God.    This Lent-tide is an opportunity to further reflect on this as we move forward together, and in seeking a priest to come and join us.

On a practical note, the Hub Team, comprising Fiona, Jackie, Angela, Katie, Jenny and me, now meet regularly to ensure the continued smooth running of the parish.  If you have any concerns, then please talk to one of us.  The drafting of the Parish Profile, the document which describes us as a parish and community together with our future vision, in order to attract a new vicar is underway.  Please remember to make your contribution to the “Vision for the future as a community” explained below.

Finally, please keep this period of reflection and discernment, seeking God’s guidance, in your prayers.

Take us often from the tumult of things,
Into your presence.
There show us what we are,
And what you have purposed us to be.