Weekly Update – 25th February

A couple of weeks ago members of the St Nicholas Hub Team met with our counterparts at St Pauls for an evening service of prayer and reflection as part of our preparations for the new Priest-in-Charge (or vicar as we will undoubtedly refer to them as being our vicar albeit technically incorrect). It might seem premature given that we have not appointed anyone yet.  However, it was valuable to gather in prayer and reflection during the discernment process.


Although the focus of the gathering was for prayer on discernment, calling and preparation during the selection process, we were also looking beyond this.   Thinking ahead for when the new Priest-in-Charge joins us to lead our two parishes.  Praying for the future work they, together with everyone in our respective parishes, will undertake in bringing into reality the vision and mission that each parish have developed in our Parish Profiles.


One of the readings we chose for the service was from 1 Corinthians 12. 4-11, which speaks about the gifts of the Spirit: All the gifts are produced by one and the same Spirit. He gives gifts to each person, just as he decides.  Which reminded me of a talk I heard on the same text a few years ago.  The speaker asked us to imagine a box, beautifully wrapped with a bow and a label saying, “From God with Love”. This represented our gifts of the Spirit.  We were asked to recall the joy and anticipation we have when opening the presents which we receive at Christmas or on Birthdays.  We were asked to reflect on that same feeling of anticipation we might have in discovering the gifts of the Spirit given to us, and the joy we have in using these gifts once revealed.  We were asked to consider the gifts of the Spirit we each have received and whether we were using them to their fullest extent.


As we think ahead to when a person has been appointed as Priest-in-Charge, there is an opportunity for each of us to take a little time now to reflect on the gifts of the Spirit that we have received and consider how these will be valuable for us in the coming months and years, working alongside our new vicar.


Our new vicar will bring their gifts and fresh insights, but we should not forget that we are an important part of the team that the new vicar will lead.  Our gifts will be part of the future at St Nicholas.


I will leave you with a prayer we shared at our service of reflection with St Pauls.


We each have gifts,
to serve alongside our new vicar,
as one body in Christ.
Take us often from the tumult of things.
Into your presence.
There show us what we are,
And what you have purposed us to be.

Oh King and Saviour,
what are your gifts to us?
May we use them to bring your glory to our communities.