Weekly Update – 19th March

Hello All

Just a very quick update this week…

Thank you so much for all the contributions to our ‘What 3 Words’ exercise. This has now closed and the word clouds produced. These will form the basis of a discussion at our PCC meeting on Monday, as we navigate (discern!) our way through interregnum and on to the writing of our Parish Profile. Please keep praying for all those involved in this process.

This Sunday is Oasis Communion at 10am (Mothering Sunday) with Canon Liz, I do hope many of you can make it.

Remember my Lent challenge to you all? No, I’m not surprised, I talk too much….

‘Come to a service which you do not normally attend’ – honestly, we’ll be friendly and welcoming (two of the most used What 3 Words)

Have a great week everyone


Church Warden