Rev Chris’s Weekly Update – 11/12

Dear all,

We come to the third Sunday of advent on the back of the recent news that, according to the latest census, this country is no longer predominantly Christian. I am sure that there are various sociological reasons for this as well as the fact that, certainly within the Church of England, there has been a steady decline in church attendance over recent decades that has led to an increasing age profile.

Surveys suggest that many of those that no longer identify as Christian might consider themselves to be ‘spiritual’ but not religious, many others will, of course, identify as atheists. These trends are a concern to those of us who see great joy in our faith in Jesus Christ and the message of his birth, life, death, and resurrection and wonder at how we can enable others to share that joy.

The Christmas message is a powerful one and it is wonderful to engage with schools, and others, on the subject and to sing at various carol services. My hope is that we can present that message in new and meaningful ways that inspire us all to connect with God, through Christ, more fully, or even for the first time. I love the words from one of the advent carols that we sing at this time of year ‘Of the Father’s love begotten’ – the words of the first verse are as follows and hopefully you will also find inspiration in them;

Of the Father’s love begotten
ere the worlds began to be,
he is Alpha and Omega,
he the source, the ending he,
of the things that are, that have been,
and that future years shall see
evermore and evermore.


Rev Chris