Rev Chris – Weekly Update 7th November

Dear all,

Probably the event that is uppermost in the news at present is the climate conference, COP26, in Glasgow. There are many faith groups that are present amongst the various campaigners that have gathered in the city to seek to influence how world leaders respond to the crisis that impacts the world. As we consider this important subject it is hard to get away from the point that the ‘developed’ world that we inhabit is implicated in all of this and we have much to learn in terms of our levels of consumption – I don’t say this from a position of piety because I fully recognise that I am part of the problem.

From a church perspective we have taken some steps towards making our buildings more environmentally effective. Where possible we have put in cavity insulation and changed lighting to LED. We print much less than we used to and use online communication as much as possible. I cannot deny that there have been frustrations along the way as we changed the heating system a couple of years ago from storage heaters to gas fired central heating – financial constraints made this the only viable option, but it would have been wonderful to have installed solar panels and maybe even a ground source heat pump system.

Forgive excuses, but there are no easy answers to the difficulties that the world faces, and it may be that our leaders need to be brave with decisions that are not going to be popular, but are, in most likelihood, necessary. In our ‘Prayers’ section there is a link to the Canterbury Diocesan website where there are some good prayers on this subject.

In the meantime, let bring the following to your attention;

  • CONFIRMATION SERVICE next Saturday, 13th November, 6pm at St Martin’s. We have four candidates being confirmed so please pray for them – you are also most welcome to attend the service by way of support.
  • CHRISTMAS MARKET – Donations are very welcome, including any bottles (full!), chocolates, raffle prizes, books, toys, DVD’s, jigsaws. If you can help on the day, please let Sarah know on 297307.
  • REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 14th November – there will be an act of remembrance at 11am as part of our Oasis Café service.
  • BEER & BANGERS Saturday 27th November at 7.30pm in the main church hall. Sample a selection of quality home made beers along with some tasty sausages.
  • CHRISTMAS CARD SCHEME – see details below

SERVICES THIS SUNDAY – 10am Holy Communion, and 5pm Oasis in the Afternoon followed by JAHFA youth group.


Rev Chris



This year we are able to run the church Christmas Card Scheme again; it is a way of donating to the Water Aid charity and cutting down on the number of cards you need to buy.

The money you might spend on buying Christmas cards for your church friends is donated to Water Aid.

We supply a card with your name on it; you then sign all the other cards and make a donation. You then collect your card – full of signatures.

There will be a sign-up list at the back of church from Sunday 7th November until Sun. 21st November. The cards will be available for signing from Wednesday 24th November until Wed. 8th December. You will then be able to collect your card from Sun. 12th December.

Any queries to;

Margaret & David Salvage

Tel. 672985