Rev Chris update for 25th July

Dear all,
So called ‘Freedom Day’ has come and gone and there has, and continues to be much uncertainty. Firstly, around how this will impact infection rates/hospitalisations/deaths rates and secondly how we respond to the changing circumstances of the lifting of all legal restrictions.
As mentioned last week we will continue to exercise caution regarding church services and events. Having met, this week, with the churchwardens and Worship Group we propose the following action for the time being;
• Booking in system for church services to end immediately but we ask that people, where possible, use the Test & Trace app when entering the building.
• Sanitising on entering the building will continue.
• Face coverings to be worn when entering, leaving and moving around the building (i.e. coming up for communion). They can be removed when seated if you feel comfortable to do so.
• Seating will continue to be socially distanced, but chairs will be available in singles, doubles and triples and individuals can choose to sit apart, or together by mutual agreement.
• Singing will be permitted but be mindful of those around you.
• Refreshments – there will be no refreshments next Sunday at the mid-morning service, however on Sunday 1st August we aim to provide them outside, weather permitting. We will then assess the way forward from there.
On the subject of the 1st August we had hoped to have our annual barbecue that afternoon however, on reflection, we are going to postpone this to the 5th September. There will still be an Oasis in the Afternoon service, at 5pm on the 1st August – we are going to have a picnic instead and ask that you meet us outside at the back of church, where we will be going on a short journey. All are welcome and please bring a blanket and your picnic.

Going forward I cannot predict how matters will progress and would ask for your patience as we take tentative steps. We need to do so gradually and responsibly, recognising the need to respect the feelings of others, irrespective of our own thoughts and opinions. Many of us will be experiencing a mix of feeling as – like St Paul – we work out the implications of all things being legal, and yet perhaps not all things being beneficial (1 Corinthians 6:12).
Every blessing,
Rev Chris
p.s. Please remember that if you wish to receive communion at home, I am more than happy to do so. Please also remember the FOODBANK and the ongoing need that there is out there – items can continue to be left in porch of The Rectory.