Rev Chris update for 11th July

Dear all,
Further announcements from the government indicate that compulsory restrictions are likely to be lifted from the 19th July. It appears that we will be asked to use our own judgment around such matters as the wearing of face coverings in public places.
I can only assume that singing will be allowed but before I can make a comment on that I will need to wait for the Church of England to digest the information given on the 19th, which may take another few days beyond that date.

I also need to make it clear that whilst there are those that cannot wait to shed face coverings, social distancing and be able to sing their hearts out, there will also be those that wish to attend worship, and other events, but will be more wary of the removal of restrictions. The important thing is to ensure that we are respectful of each other and do not make judgments about others or create an environment where some may feel uncomfortable.

The first services and events after the potential lifting of restrictions will be Tuesday Café on the 20th, Wednesday Communion on the 21st and Sunday Communion on the 25th – such services and events will be test cases for how to proceed in taking account of such sensitivities. Please continue to book places for all services and events in church until advised otherwise.
This coming Sunday there will be a 10am Oasis Communion. The following Sunday, the 18th, there will be an 8am Communion and then a 10am Oasis service, led by Fiona and she tells me she has something different up her sleeve! Our online offering will continue in the same way.

On the ‘social’ front, the Social Team have been working away to see what social events can be put into place over the course of the rest of the year and we look forward to hearing from them once we know more about restrictions. For now, they have asked me to let you know that the planned Garden Party on the 25th July has been postponed.

In the meantime, I am pleased to say that my period of self-isolation has ended, and I can report that the veg patch is looking good, and the garage has also been tidied!

More importantly, I am pleased to announce that we have appointed a new Parish Administrator. Her name is Katie, and she will start with us on Monday 12th July. She will be in the office for 9 hours per week, spread over three days.

Rev Chris