Rev Chris Update – 9th January

Dear all,

Welcome to the New Year and I hope that your Christmas was a happy and healthy one without too many disruptions. I am keeping a close eye on how restrictions go forward and continue with requirement to wear face coverings in the buildings, although these can be removed in situations that can be regarded as ‘hospitality’ but only whilst seated.

In the cycle of the church year, we have now entered the Epiphany season, which lasts until the beginning of February with a feast day called Candlemas. I’ll say more about that festival nearer the time but for now, as we consider Epiphany, we think about the Magi, or wise men, who brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Christ child.

For those that missed Sunday’s service, and my online Thought for the Week, I just wanted to reflect on the meanings of those gifts in their context and what they can mean to us now in this New Year.

GOLD – a precious metal that was presented as a way of signifying the value placed on Christ

FRANKINCENSE – an aromatic resin that has a ‘priestly’ spiritual quality about it that speak of the ‘priestliness’ of Christ.

MYRRH – an aromatic spice/resin used for healing and for anointing the dead that pointed to what lay ahead for Christ.

Such significant gifts speak prophetically about the nature and purpose of Christ and in their presentation, from figures not considered ‘of the people of God’, set a scene that Christ is present for all of humanity.

As we enter 2022 and reflect on these gifts perhaps, we too can consider the humanity that we are part of – what can we bring of value, how can we connect more intentionally with God, and what is it that we need to let go of so that we might be more fully human. Perhaps as the year progresses, we can continue to ask ourselves such questions – it is certainly something that I need to be doing!

In the meantime, this coming Sunday we have services as detailed in this update, although let me bring particular attention to our Oasis in the Afternoon service at 5pm which will be outside, at the back of church, with hot dogs and a bonfire – if you had a real Christmas tree this year, please bring it along and we will put it on the bonfire.


Rev Chris