Rev Chris update

Dear all,
Thank you for your patience as I took a break, but as I am now back at my desk, I have attached the relevant diaries for both churches for the next couple of weeks, in an amended format. Hopefully, all makes sense.
I am sure that we are all pleased to be advancing a bit further on the route to coming out of lockdown fully, although we must be aware, despite all the difficulties that have been faced, just how blessed we are to be going in a positive direction. Please keep other parts of the world in thoughts and prayers, especially India as they battle though a critical situation.
In terms of parish life, we continue with a mix of online/in church services. Please see the diaries attached for details of what is happening and keep abreast of changes and developments.
An important development is that St Nicholas Church is now advertising for a new Parish Administrator (see attached advert). We actually started this process over a year ago and had to put it on hold due to the pandemic.
Also of particular note, at St Nicholas, are things like Tuesday Café getting back into the building and the re-launch of Mum’s & Babes, in accordance with new guidelines. I am also doing a mid-week communion to see how that goes.
For those of you involved with St Andrew’s there is the annual meeting on the 24th May in church, subject to the usual restrictions, and if you wish to attend please book your place accordingly. The meeting agenda is attached.
This coming week is Mental Health Awareness Week and is a good time to reflect on all who have been directly, or indirectly been affected by the events of the last year. I would imagine that a good many of us have been impacted in some way or other, across all age groups. It is also Christian Aid week, and they are encouraging us to take time each day to grab a cuppa and pray for issues around climate justice with the following prayer;
God of all of life, waiting for the water to boil we confess and lament the rise of temperature that has led to a climate crisis across this beautiful planet. We wait, impatient for change.
Pouring out hot water on loose-leaf or tea bag, into teapot or favourite mug, we pour out our intercessions for a change of heart by politicians to put planet and people first.
Stirring teabag, leaves or sugar we ask that you would stir in us a passion to take action, to do all we can at this critical hour to take care of our common home and amplify the call for climate justice.
Drinking that first satisfying sip we give thanks for the day when ‘they will hunger no more, and thirst no more’* Infuse us with a strongly brewed vision of your creation healed and restored.
*Revelation 7:16
Rev Chris