Rev Chris update – 31st October 2021

Dear all,

We started the new Bible Project series on Monday looking at the book of Job and it was good to have about a dozen of us grappling with the story. And what a story it is – actually, more than a story as it is high drama of Shakespearian proportions (I wanted to say biblical proportions but that would be daft!).

I’d say more in this update but that would spoil my opening sermon on Sunday. Suffice to say that the drama involves this fictional character called Job who is SO right with God it makes you sick. But then God and Satan conspire to play a game with him – essentially put him to the test. All of the ensuing drama throws up significant questions such as ‘Where is God’s justice and what does it look like?’, ‘Does God reward righteousness?’, ‘Does God punish transgression?’, ‘Does God really care?’, ‘Is it OK to be angry with God?’, ‘What do we do when it feels like God has abandoned us?’.

This is big stuff and although the writings are ancient, they have eternal truths that set up the tension of questions over answers, particularly around innocent suffering. They bring very relevant issues to the foreground such as the horror of war, of destitution, sickness, humiliation, bereavement, and depression.

This may all sound rather depressing, but we cannot escape from such issues. On Sunday I will hold a Commemoration Service to remember loved ones that have been lost. To lose a loved one, in whatever circumstances, will leave any of us in a place of pain and confusion. Sunday 14th November will be Remembrance Sunday, a time to remember those that have given much for the cause of justice, but at the same time it reminds us of the brutality and horror of war. Such things can leave us speechless in the face of devastation and with more questions than answers. It is into such situations that the book of Job speaks so profoundly.

On a lighter note, I see that Maidstone Choral Union have booked the church for a concert this Saturday. All being well I think I will go along to that and enjoy the uplifting programme of music that is promised.

Two more things;

  • CONFIRMATION SERVICE next Saturday, 6pm at St Martin’s. We have four candidates being confirmed so please pray for them – you are also most welcome to attend the service by way of support.
  • CHRISTMAS MARKET – Donations are very welcome, including any bottles (full!), chocolates, raffle prizes, books, toys, DVD’s, jigsaws. If you can help on the day, please let Sarah know on 297307.


Rev Chris