Rev Chris update – 20th March 2022

Dear all,

About 35 years ago I found myself at the Hammersmith Odeon in London for a concert by the band called Tangerine Dream. They were a ‘niche’ band that specialized in electronic music using synthesizers and sequencers. Whilst not to everyone’s taste I, personally, enjoy their music enormously. I say they ‘were’ a band when, actually, they are still recording and performing even if, like Triggers broom (Only Fools and Horses), none of the original parts remain.

I’m sure you are wondering why I am mentioning this as though it is some ‘middle aged’ trip down ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’ memory lane. It is because I was in Coventry Cathedral last weekend as Tangerine Dream were performing there, having originally done so in 1975 – it was pleasing to note that the Dean of the Cathedral introduced the band and declared himself to be a fan, so I’m in good company. The concert, with accompanying light show, was amazing and the venue only served to enhance the experience as secular music and sacred space merged into one glorious mix of sound, light and setting.

The following day I took the opportunity to explore that sacred space further. As many will know the cathedral is built next to, and is connected to, the ruins of the original cathedral that was destroyed by bombing in the second world war. The new cathedral has that sense of new hope and possibility rising out of the ashes of destruction and much of the work of the cathedral is dedicated to peace and reconciliation.

It felt particularly poignant to be in that place at this time when Ukraine is being bombed mercilessly. We continue to hope and pray that peace and reconciliation will prevail, and that new hope will dawn.

Rev Chris

p.s. If anyone out there is also a Tangerine Dream fan, let me know – it would be nice to think it’s not just me and the Dean!


We had to stop production and distribution of the magazine in 2020 when the Covid pandemic took hold and are now considering whether this is something to re-instate. Many things have changed over the course of the last couple of years, one of those being that the editor of the magazine stepped down from that role. Whilst this is unfortunate it also presents the opportunity to re-think things, not least because the production of the magazine was very labour intensive and required many hours work each month by volunteers.

With such things in mind, I think it best to ask if there is anyone willing to take on the responsibility for managing and editing some form of monthly communication. Please contact me if you feel inspired to do so and we can talk about how this might go forward.

Rev Chris

As you know we are donating certain funds collected during Lent to this appeal via organisations such as the DEC, although individuals can also do so directly.
There are details circulating publicly of schemes where individuals, churches and community groups can register their interest to help in other ways.
For the time being I have registered as ‘a church’ with the Sanctuary Foundation and The Welcome Church network.
Rev Chris

The Easter Lily list is at the back of church for signing and any donations to the office or in the envelopes provided in the porch slot in the wall.
Many thanks

Please sign up on the list at the back of church if you can make some posies for our Mothering Sunday services on Sunday 27th March.

The Soup Lunch last week raised £336 for the Flagpole Fund – thank you to those who attended. The total so far is now at £676!