Prayers – 25/06



DIOCESE Giving thanks for the gift of the Holy Spirit

Today let us take a moment to pause. And in the silence to thank God for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Spirit of the living God, Increase in us the gifts of kindness, goodness and gentleness; so that we may draw others to Jesus through our actions and in the way we live our lives,


Prayer written by Pat Wright – LGBT+ Chaplain for the Canterbury Diocese

DEANERY Praying for the Deanery discerning how to move forward in a time of change and transition
RESIDENTS Tintern Road, Tonbridge Road, Trapham Road
COMMUNITY Mother’s Union
CHARITY Christian Aid
SICK & ANXIOUS Tanay, Betty Hildebrand, Rosemary Watson, Connie Neaves, Jo & Oscar, Hilary King, Priscilla, Peter Sturgess, Jackie, James Birt, Alan Bird, Tina & James, Elsa Harrington, Barbara Graham, Jackie Harlock, Mike Garrett, Alessandra  Zevallos, Esther, Mary Harvey, Janet, Marjorie Wright, Liz Boots, Marie Derry
DECEASED Cheryl Munt



If you have a particular need you would like us to pray for, please use the following contact details;

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‘May the Lord be gracious to us and bless us and make His face to shine upon us.’ Psalm 67:1


Lord, we pray for your church throughout the world, we ask that, from your throne of Grace, You will have mercy on us and hear our praise and thanksgiving. Without You, Lord, we have nothing, but with Your blessing and Holy Spirit we are able to be effective in proclaiming Your word.


‘ May Your ways be known upon the earth, your salvation among all nations.’Psalm 67:2


We pray, Father, that our eyes may be lifted beyond ourselves to pray for those who are far from you. We pray, Lord, for the day when Your ways are known throughout the earth. Without Your Grace, we would still be lost, give us the desire to pray for the world, to take our eyes off ourselves and our needs and to petition you for those who are lost. Let them be brought into your family. May your salvation be known among the nations.


‘ May the people praise You, O God; may all people praise You. May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for You rule the people justly and guide the nations of the earth.’ Psalm 67:3-4


You, Lord, are King, we pray for nations to recognise Your Sovereignty. You alone are able to bring light, peace, joy and hope to the darkest places. Nothing can overcome Your light. We pray for world, Community, church leaders to turn to You and govern according to Your ways, not seeking fame, prosperity, power. Let Your word be preached in every nation. May we all use the gifts you have given us to further Your Kingdom.

‘Then the land will yield it’s harvest, and God, our God, will bless us.’ Psalm 67:6


We thank You, Father, that Your promises, for Your people are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank you that You are willing for all people to enter your Kingdom, we may all respond to your invitation.