Prayers 21/08


DIOCESE Listening and Discerning: Giving thanks for Creation

When we spend time outside today, let us look out for the fruits and seeds that are now maturing. Nature is packing them with the potential for new life, to grow in a new season. As we ponder those fruits, what are the plans and ambitions we hold in our lives?

A prayer

Lord Christ, as we gaze upon the seeds in nature that promise new life, give us the courage to sow the seeds of change in our own lives. Give us the courage of your

resurrection to embrace the changes we need to make. May we grow in confidence through the nurturing presence of your Holy Spirit. Amen

Please pray today for ‘Walk Church – celebrating God outdoors’ as we consider how to develop its future.

Prayer request written by Revd Alex Bienfait – founder and leader of ‘Walk Church –

celebrating God outdoors’

DEANERY Praying for the Deanery discerning how to move forward in a time of change and transition.
RESIDENTS Court Drive, Carisbrooke Drive, Clifford Way
COMMUNITY VARIOUS ROTAS – Refreshments, readers, intercessors, cleaning, communion assistants
CHARITY Alongside Africa
SICK & ANXIOUS Tanay, Betty Hildebrand, Alan & Rosemary Watson, Connie Neaves, Melvin Watts, Jo & Oscar, Hilary King, Priscilla, Peter Sturgess, Fran, Jackie, Wendy, John Larcombe, Chloe Redford, Beryl Fletcher, Shirley Rose
DECEASED Sheila Rendell, Peter Excell

If you have a particular need you would like us to pray for, please use the following contact details;

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The Anna Chaplaincy Prayer

Faithful God, you have promised in Christ to be with us to the end of time. Come close to those who have lived long and experienced much. Help them to continue to be faithful and, within the all-age kingdom of God, to find ways to go on giving and receiving your grace, day by day. For your glory and your kingdom. Amen