DIOCESE Third Sunday of Advent

We hear in Scriptures the echoes of John the Baptist’s

prophetic voice.

From the desolation of the wilderness a cry for repentance,

for justice and God’s kin-dom. A kin-dom where there is

righteousness, equality and solidarity, where each and

every person is recognised as created in God’s image and

likeness, not potential victims of extortion, abuse and


A kin-dom where we are family, united in the peace and

love of God.

This Advent may we heed the Baptist’s cry. May we have

welcoming hearts towards the stranger, the refugee, those

on the margins. May we have hearts for justice and peace,

a passion for bringing God’s kin-dom into the midst of our homes, our neighbourhoods,

our villages, towns and cities. May the kin-dom of God burst forth as we celebrate the

birth of the Christ-child who would herald God’s love made incarnate for the inclusive

salvation of all. Your kin-dom come! Amen.

(Prayer request written by Revd Geoff Abasolo-Munnery – Assistant Curate at Ashford

Town Parish)

Anglican Communion:

The Anglican Church of Canada

DEANERY All Saints Loose
RESIDENTS Newbury Avenue, Nursery Avenue, Nightingale Close
COMMUNITY Fairlawn Care Home
CHARITY Winter Shelter
SICK & ANXIOUS Tanay, Kirsty, Betty Hildebrand, Gordon Lorimer, Amy Bates, Alan & Rosemary Watson, Jonathan & Sue Veira, Connie Neaves, Emma & Alex, Melvin Watts, Jo & Oscar
DECEASED Leslie Kingston, Pauline Garrett, John Tomlinson

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‘And He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, the Prince of Peace’ Isaiah 9: 6

Heavenly Father, in this season of Advent, we thank you for Jesus, for all that He is to us.

Wonderful Counsellor…as the prophets of old heard Your voice and  gave hope to Your people, we pray that believers now will look to Jesus to discover the way to go. Thank you Lord for Your wisdom, guidance and truth. We pray that we will look to You when in doubt, may we continue to trust You.

Mighty God….thank you Lord that You are involved in every circumstance of our lives. We pray for the world and all people on earth, that they may come to see You as the Mighty God, all powerful, but full of compassion, love, mercy and truth. Thank you for Your justice and righteousness.

Eternal Father….we give You thanks that Your Father’s love is everlasting, not a fleeting whim. Thank You that when we are in Your family, we are Yours forever. We pray for all those who don’t know a loving father, that they may come to know You as a perfect Father now and always.

Prince of Peace….Lord, You are resplendant and good, reigning in peace everlasting. We pray for our world in turmoil, for our leaders struggling to make sense of the issues surrounding them. We pray, Lord, that their decisions may be for the good of the world, not for self agrandisement or power. Give them humility to seek wise guidance.  We lift to You all those seeking refuge, may a long term compassionate answer to their difficulties be found. We are all transitory on this earth , help us to remember: ‘ the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it. ‘ Psalm 24:1

Have mercy on our world Lord, for the sake of Jesus who gave His life for all.