Prayers 05/02




DIOCESE Praying Together: For the work of the Food Bank

Father God,
We thank you for Your love and grace and the resources and people which help us to keep operating throughout the year. We have been extra busy recently, with so many people needing help with food, household items, and asking for someone to listen and lift them to You.

Thank You for your justice, mercy, and your grace to love without measure.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer request written by Dave Lamberton

DEANERY Praying for the Deanery discerning how to move forward in a time of change and transition
RESIDENTS Magpie Road, Malling Terrace, Maxwell Drive
COMMUNITY Bowercroft
CHARITY Church Army
SICK & ANXIOUS Tanay, Betty Hildebrand, Rosemary Watson, Connie Neaves, Jo & Oscar, Hilary King, Priscilla, Peter Sturgess, Fran, Jackie, John Larcombe, James Birt, Alan Bird, Jill, Tina & James, Elsa Harrington, Barbara Graham
DECEASED Margaret Sparks, Wendy Lee-Harrington


If you have a particular need you would like us to pray for, please use the following contact details;

Email:  Telephone: 01622 758641


‘For the Lord is a sun and a shield; the Lord bestows favour and honour; no good thing does He withold from those whose walk is blameless.’ Psalm 84:11

Lord, we praise you for your provision for us. Help us to listen, learn and seek you in all we do. We know, Lord, that it is only through Your Grace that we are able to draw close to You. May we always look neither to the right or left, but only up toward you. Help us to recognise when we are trusting in worldly things not in You and Your unfailing steadfast Majesty.

‘ Blessed are those whose strength is in you.’ Psalm 84:5

In this troubled world, help us to remain calm on days which don’t seem to be in line with our plans. We pray, Lord, that we will take time to listen to Your voice, to your wise leading. May we always aim to be close to you in spite of the attractions of the world…not necessarily bad things, but distractions nonetheless.

‘ Let the name of the Lord be praised, both now and for evermore. From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets the name of the Lord is to be praised.’ Psalm 113:2

Lord, we pray for our nation, for Your name to be made known throughout the land. We pray for a return to a knowledge of the saving Grace of our Lord, Jesus. May all people turn back to You, recognising that only You can save, bring hope, healing and peace to our land.

‘ We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pangs of childbirth, right up to the present time.’ Romans 8:22

We lift up to you all those suffering war, famine, floods, natural disasters of every kind. We acknowledge that we have not treated our earth well, we have abused the wonderful creation you entrusted to us. We ask, Lord, that You will forgive us for our greed, inhumanity and selfishness. Help us, Father, to act wisely that once again, the land may be fruitful.

We join the Psalmist in saying:’ Praise the Lord all you nations; extol Him all you peoples. For great is His love towards us and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord.’ Psalm 117