Prayers – 04/12

DIOCESE Praying Together: 1st Sunday of Advent

Heavenly Father, as we approach and prepare for the season of Advent, as we plan for the festivities and all that is involved, presents, trimming trees, friends and family gatherings, we remember and pray for our brothers and sisters in so many places in our world, who will not find the season of Advent one of hope, peace, comfort and joy.

For so many, Advent will pass as days on the calendar with no significance.

In our busyness, we ask for your Holy presence in remembering to pray for them, and hope that your Holy Spirit will give them hope and comfort in the midst of their sadness and suffering.

In a world where violence, poverty and injustice seem more and more the norm than the anomaly, we pray that we may be instruments of your peace and healing.

We pray in the name of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ,


Prayer written by Barbara Campbell – parishioner from Cranbrook: St Dunstan

CHARITY Winter Shelter
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