Prayer Space

PRAYER SPACE – 30th August, 2020
DIOCESE Praying for renewal in the mission of God – what are we noticing about God’s movement, what are we learning, what do we need to let go of?
MAIDSTONE DEANERY All the parishes at this difficult time;
All Saints Loose, All Saints Maidstone with St Philips & St Stephens, St Andrew’s, St Faith’s, St Luke’s, St Martin’s, St Michael’s, St Nicholas’ and St Paul’s.
RESIDENTS Laverstoke Road, Milford Close, Midley Close, Abbots Field, Angelica Square
COMMUNITY The College Practice & Other healthcare providers – Dentists, Osteopaths etc.
CHARITY OF THE MONTH Christians Against Poverty (CAP)
SICK & ANXIOUS Tanay, Barry Rendell, Dawson, Kirsty, Paul Middleditch, The Rogers family
Betty Hildebrand, Gordon Lorimer, Amy Bates, Erika,
Margaret, Joan, Diane, Arthur, Ian, Betty, Valerie, Belinda, Jenny
BEREAVED David Hildebrand, Grace Cox, Brian Wylie
If you have a particular need you would like us to pray for please use the following contact details;

If you wish to add a name to the Prayer Space please ensure that you have their, or their family’s permission. Our prayer space provides a ‘cycle of prayer’, throughout the year, around church, local community and beyond.

‘Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted above the earth.’ Psalm 46:10
Let us hold on to this promise of the Lord, give Him thanks and praise for all He has done for each of us. We pray that we will remember all the times in which He has protected, provided, blessed and cared for us. Let us exalt Him in our lives, in His church.
We ask, Lord, that we will come before you with a mind committed to hearing from you, not a mind that’s closed, cloudy or cluttered. Help us to focus on you, to be at ease in your presence.
As we continue to walk forward into the uncertainties of the next stage, with ever changing directives, help us Lord to look to you to see your truth clearly. Enable us, by your Holy Spirit to make wise, considered choices, especially, let us pray for all those in the church who have to make decisions about our worship. May we be gracious toward them and support them in their work.
‘In your light, we see light.’ Psalm 36:9
We pray especially for all those returning to school, for some after a break of several months. We ask Lord, that at the start of this new school year, with so much uncertainty about the measures to take to keep staff and pupils safe, that you will be present, that a spirit of calm and enthusiasm will prevail. May these children have no ill effects from the lengthy break. Grant your peace to parents, staff and pupils. Restore to them the time which was lost.
Let us lift our community up to the Lord as we continue to reach out to those who need your love. We pray that relationships forged during this pandemic will prosper, that your word will reach out with power to save the lost.
We pray that we will have compassion toward those who are risking their lives trying to reach our shores. In the security of our lifestyles, we have no idea of the conditions which have made them flee their own countries. May we not be judgemental but pray that these people will find security and hope. Many of them are persecuted for their faith at home, we pray to our heavenly Father for all those who are faithful in difficult circumstances.
We pray for your healing hand to spread out across this world, to those who are facing unemployment, those suffering from Covid-19 and it’s after effects, for those facing wildfires in California, above average Monsoon rain in India, hurricanes in Eastern U.S.A., crops destroyed by locusts in Africa. So many are in need of moments to experience your love and peace. Lord, we lift all these to yo in prayer, knowing that you hear us.
May your kingdom come into this damaged world. ‘Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.’