Weekly Update – 6th February

Dear all,

We are now fully engaged in this New Year and the hope that we have for all that lies ahead. Just around the corner is Lent and the countdown to Easter. That ‘countdown’ will start on Wednesday 2nd March, otherwise known as Ash Wednesday – I shall say more about that nearer the time but for now I want to introduce to you a study course that I am going to be running during Lent.

It is called LIVING IN LOVE AND FAITH and has been developed by The Church of England as an exploration of Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships, and marriage. The church is very aware that issues of gender and sexuality are intrinsic to people’s experience, their sense of identity, their lives, and their loving relationships. Divisions across the church have come into sharper focus because of changing perspectives and practices across society.

The course explores these matters by studying what the Bible, theology, history, and the social and biological sciences have to say, and by telling the real-life stories of followers of Christ with diverse experiences and convictions. It offers an opportunity to discuss these issues in a safe and non-judgmental way that is not about enforcing a particular understanding but is about giving space to listen to differing perspectives.

I will be facilitating the five-week course on Wednesday evenings during Lent with the first session on WEDNESDAY 9TH MARCH, 7.30pm, in St Nicholas Church. Please do join me if you can – to gauge numbers it would be helpful if you could let me know that you wish to attend. The following link will take you to an introductory video;



Rev Chris